Set up your business in the centre of the European market

In Wallonia, 500 million consumers are on your doorstep.

Top-ranking infrastructure

According to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2017, the Walloon motorway network and rail network are among the most dense in Europe.

By lorry, it is possible to reach a population of almost 60 million inhabitants in 4 hours and an area comprising about 20 major cities in 8 hours. In terms of rail, the main private industrial connections to the national and international network allow companies wishing to be effective and environmentally-friendly to opt for rail or for combined rail/road transport.

Connected to the major northern European ports, Wallonia's river network provides a connection with France, Flanders, the Netherlands, Germany and the major transatlantic and transoceanic lines beyond. In particular, the Autonomous Port of Liege is the leading interior port in Belgium and the 3rd interior port in Europe (20 million tonnes and 44,000 containers per year).

With Liege Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Wallonia offers two airports through which transited a total of more 750,000 tonnes of freight and about 12 million passengers in 2016 (source: FPS Mobility and Transport).


Near Brussels, the capital of Europe

Wallonia is near Brussels, the headquarters for major international institutions, the head office for many multinationals and home to more than 300 international law firms or consultants.

Also, the Belgian capital offers no fewer than 21 international schools and, along with Washington, it is one of the largest journalism centres in the world. More than 100 foreign banks have set up branches there. 

A strong presence overseas

We have a network of economic and commercial attachés present in about a hundred countries, the mission of which is to provide companies with information and advice for a strategic positioning that favours export.

Overseas, about a dozen delegations are in charge of Wallonia-Brussels' international relations.

8th Largest cargo airport in Europe

Liège Airport: 8th largest cargo airport in Europe (Results Liege Airport 2016)

4th Densest railway network in the world

IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2016

1st Densest road network in the world

Densest road network in the world 

IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2016

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