Logistics company Weerts has taken a major step in its project to build a large warehouse at Liege Airport. It recently obtained the necessary planning permission to erect a huge warehouse on the Fontaine site, located at the southern end of the airport runway. This warehouse will have a surface area of 252,000 m² and be operational by 2027.

Initial project: five warehouses on an area of 172,000 m²

Weerts originally planned to build five warehouses with a total surface of 172,000 m² on a 350,000 m² site. The site, called "Fontaine", is located along the E42, in the municipality of Grâce-Hollogne. This logistics expansion is part of Liege Airport's Masterplan, which provides for the development of logistics activities.

A large logistics warehouse to meet demand

The Weerts project aims to meet the growing demand for logistics by offering customised buildings and services for (future) customers. The five planned buildings will have a total area of approximately 250,000 m². They will contain pharmaceuticals, (refrigerated and non-refrigerated) foodstuffs, and e-commerce items. It is important to note that hazardous materials will not be stored in this warehouse. To facilitate the transport of goods, the site will have 345 loading docks and 212 parking spaces for lorries. The staff will have 1,131 car spaces, 566 of them covered and 565 outdoors. Infrastructure will also be provided for bicycles and people with reduced mobility. In addition, the project will integrate photovoltaic panels that will allow produce 14,000 MWh/year. Weerts estimates that this project will create approximately 1,100 jobs.

Improvements made for a better integration into the landscape

During the public inquiry, several remarks were made concerning the integration of the project into the surrounding landscape. Weerts made three significant improvements in response to these concerns. First, the 1,131 parking spaces initially intended for outside have been moved to the roof of the warehouses, allowing the creation of 48,800 m² of green space. Second, a two-hectare green buffer zone will be created along the site bypass road, providing visual separation from the neighbouring farm and the village of Hozémont. Third, the facades of the two-storey buildings will also be greened on the village side, promoting better landscape integration.

Permission granted with conditions

The delegated civil servant of the Walloon Region granted planning permission to Weerts, but with conditions. Despite this, appeals against the permission can be made to the Walloon Region and the Council of State. If there are no appeals, work could begin in 2024, with opening planned for 2027 at the latest.

In summary:

The project to construct a 250,000 m² mega-warehouse by Weerts at Liege Airport is now on track, with the granting of planning permission. This ambitious project aims to meet the growing demand for logistics and contribute to the economic development of the Region. While ensuring integration into the surrounding landscape, Weerts plans to create a modern logistics centre that offers services adapted to the needs of its customers. With work scheduled to begin in 2024, this warehouse is expected to play a key role in strengthening Liege Airport's logistics activity from 2027.

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