The Spanish logistics operator Cacesa will set up a new site in Mouscron to manage e-commerce-related customs activities between Southern European countries and the United Kingdom. Ten people will be recruited for this project, which should allow the company to double its business.

Cacesa is 75% owned by Iberia, which in turn is part of IAG, one of the largest airline groups in the world. The company operates in 6 complementary service areas, ranging from customs management to transport for e-commerce. The latter sector has generated spectacular growth for the company in recent years, due to its collaboration with the leading online purchasing platforms that have witnessed impressive growth since the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2019, this growth allowed Cacesa to extend its operations at Liège Airport.  This is where the depot and customs clearance for trucks transporting goods en route from the United Kingdom to France takes place, an activity that has been growing rapidly since Brexit was implemented.

Cacesa has recruited 6 people since setting up at the Liège site, a figure that the company plans to increase to 12 by the end of the year.


The solution we are bringing to the Walloon Region will allow the company to enjoy rapid international growth. What would have taken 2 years in some areas, we can implement in 3 months

From 2021, Cacesa plans to double its business activity in Wallonia by opening another site in Mouscron.  It will base its e-commerce-related customs operations there for the countries of southern Europe (France, Spain and Portugal) and the United Kingdom, with the recruitment of around ten additional staff.

The factors that convinced Cacesa to opt once again for Wallonia were undoubtedly the position and excellent operation of Liege airport, recently named the best cargo airport in the world, the responsiveness of the public authorities and the efficiency of Belgian customs.

The company has also shrewdly ridden the wave of the current business environment, which has been marked by Brexit, the corona crisis and the rapid growth in e-commerce activities.

The fact that Cacesa is already based at another Walloon site also facilitated the opening of the second one. Its objective is now to push ahead in its new activities and investments in Wallonia over the coming years.

No wonder then that the company was named "Company of the Year" on 10 November by the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg, which recognised Cacesa's significant growth, its resilience and ability to seize opportunities (Brexit, e-commerce) and its importance on the international and European market, and especially on the Belgian market.

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