Belgium stands as an Innovation Leader, performing at 125.8% of the EU average.

While its performance falls below that of other Innovation Leaders, it's increasing at a rate surpassing the EU's by 8.5 percentage points. Moreover, Belgium's performance lead over the EU continues to widen.

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Wallonia, one of Belgium's three regions within a federal state, naturally embraces global connections, serving as a meeting point for various languages and cultures. Known for its openness and export-driven economy, the region boasts a rich industrial heritage. Leveraging this legacy, Wallonia has cultivated strong industrial specializations, ranging from the transformation of traditional sectors like advanced manufacturing and new materials to pioneering research areas such as biotechnology and life sciences. Its foundation was built upon responding innovatively to Wallonia's primary societal challenges and analyzing its unique strengths.

Growth accelerator funding

It can often be a real challenge for budding entrepreneurs to find these resources. In Wallonia, they have their own special dedicated tool: WING. This fund, created in the frame of the Digital Wallonia plan, aims to invest in innovative digital start-ups offering true development prospects on the market and a strong potential for growth. It benefits from a budget of €50 million.


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The Soft Landing platform targets technology companies that have already successfully sold a solution (product or service) outside of Europe. Its aim is to assist these companies in entering the European market efficiently by establishing their economic activities in a vibrant and dynamic environment from a central region.

Thanks to a streamlined process that facilitates swift establishment of a legal entity and assesses critical factors such as market conditions and intellectual property, the Soft Landing platform provides assistance and services to tailor products and services to meet European standards and certifications.

Has your technology company achieved successful sales of its solution (product or service) outside of Europe, and are you now targeting Europe as your next market? Wallonia is definitely looking for welcoming you thanks to the WalloniaTech program !

WALLONIATECH PROGRAM: Facilitating Global Innovation in Europe's Thriving Tech Market

WalloniaTech program is committed to assisting international innovative companies in their quest for strategic alliances, capital, and networking opportunities in Europe, the world's second-largest technology marketplace.

Originally launched in 2010 in partnership with Texas A&M University, this program has achieved significant success. WalloniaTech holds a significant position within our thriving start-up ecosystem. Serving as trusted advisors to both startups and scale-ups, our experts actively engage with entrepreneurs, providing essential guidance to navigate opportunities and challenges.

Participating in the WalloniaTech program provides several benefits, including:

  • Access to a supportive ecosystem tailored for tech startups.
  • Guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals.
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts and potential partners.
  • Access to funding and investment opportunities.
  • Exposure and visibility through promotional activities and events.
  • Assistance with market research and expansion strategies.
  • Access to specialized resources and infrastructure.
  • Support in navigating regulatory and legal frameworks.
  • Collaboration opportunities with other startups and established companies.
  • Recognition and validation within the tech community.

Our objective through WalloniaTech program is to identify the most promising entrepreneurial talents worldwide and link them with investors and strategic partners, including technology business incubators, universities, and science parks in Wallonia, Belgium and across Europe.

As evidence of our effectiveness, we are proud to mention that several companies have already established a presence in Belgium through joint ventures with local entities. These partnerships empower us to provide extensive support and resources to companies aiming to broaden their presence and succeed in the European market via Wallonia, Belgium.

Grow your business in Europe! Interested in exploring partnership opportunities? We are looking for high-potential technology start-ups. Each candidate will undergo evaluation based on their potential for growth and their potential value to Wallonia, Belgium. These assessments will consider various factors throughout the selection process, including : innovation, market and business potential, team expertise, scalability and growth.

The selection of the market aligns with Wallonia Export & Investment Agency's economic mission, and India appears to be on the list for 2025. Consequently, our WalloniaTech strategy for 2024-2025 will once again prioritize India.

India ranks as Belgium's third-largest export destination and fourth-largest trade partner outside the EU. The total trade between Belgium and India in 2020 reached €8.33 billion, with Indian exports valued at €4.46 billion and imports at €3.87 billion. Notably, our bilateral trade is primarily driven by the diamond trade.

The application procedure :

  • June 2024: Opening of applications
  • September 2024: Closing of applications
  • October 2024: Preselection of promising entrepreneurial talents
  • December 2024: Selection and interviews in India
  • April 2025: WalloniaTech-India talents (maximum of 5 participants) are invited to Belgium
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