Weerts Group, a holding company with a diversified portfolio in the logistics, real estate, motorsport and renewable energy sectors, recently opened the doors of an impressive logistics hall in La Louvière.

This extraordinary building with a total surface area of 55,000 m² is situated on the Garcocentre strategic site and should create up to 250 jobs over the next two years.

WEERTS GROUP / Weerts Logistics Parks...

Strategic expansion and job creation


The site, at the heart of the Garocentre, offers optimal accessibility, enabling logistical efficiency.

 “We always try to set up on multimodal sites, which is the case here as it is close to the motorways, canal and railway.” Didier Weerts, Head of the group’s logistic section.

The group has already welcomed its first client and plans to attract other companies in various fields such as food and industrial products. Didier Weerts said: “We hope that within one or two years, the site will operate optimally, which will enable us to create a total of 250 jobs.”

Jacques Gobert, chairman of IDEA and mayor of La Louvière, emphasised the strategic importance of the site: “This is obviously a very strategic location, because we have a multimodal platform here with water, rail and roads. 40% of the Weerts group’s total transportation of goods will be by water, which is huge.”

WEERTS GROUP / Weerts Logistics Parks...

A positive impact in the region

The creation of this logistics centre is a major opportunity for the La Louvière region. In addition to Lidl Belgium and Johnson & Johnson’s recent logistical centres, the Weerts Group is consolidating the strategic position of the Garocentre site.

“Investments like this have an influence that go far beyond that of La Louvière and consolidate the Garocentre site’s strength which is virtually complete today.” Jacques Gobert, chairman of IDEA and mayor of La Louvière

Commitment to sustainability

The Weerts Group’s building is not only impressive due to its size, but also because of its commitment to sustainability. A total of 7,500 solar panels have been installed, generating 7.5 megawatts per year. The building’s lighting is provided by LED light bulbs and the rainwater will be recovered to supply the hygiene facilities. The building has obtained the prestigious Breeam Excellent certification, confirming its exemplary environmental practices.

Furthermore, the Weerts Group soon plans to install a fleet of industrial batteries to store all the energy generated by the solar panels, strengthening its commitment to renewable energy.

The inauguration of this logistics centre is a significant step for the Weerts Group and a positive contribution to Wallonia’s economic growth and environmental sustainability.

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