Novasep launches Senefill, a unit dedicated to Fill & Finish aseptic commercial operations in Seneffe, Belgium. With a full state-of-the-art facility, Senefill will provide standalone Fill & Finish services as well as integrated drug product manufacturing, from formulation to packaging.


Senefill is a 1800m² (19,000 sqf) unit, with a 400m² (4,300 sqf) area dedicated to the filling of a wide range of biological products: viral vectors, viruses, monoclonal antibodies and other biologics. These operations will support key biopharmaceutical markets for Novasep and its clients: cell and gene therapies, oncology, vaccination and other innovative therapies.

This Fill & Finish unit features state-of-the-art semi-automatic and automatic liquid filling machines under isolator and can deliver up to 10 000 vials per session, with 2 to 3 sessions per week. At full strength, a team of 24 people will operate this unit.

Pierre Lunel, Director of the Belgian site

Aseptic filling is a critical step in the manufacturing process of biopharmaceutical products. Novasep’ team has a long experience of providing Fill and Finish services and we keep hiring highly qualified technicians.

Senefill facilities

Senefill is part of Senrise-IV, Novasep’s flagship for the manufacturing of commercial viral vectors. This unique configuration makes it possible to have both production and Fill & Finish operations on the same site and guarantees the highest reliability and performance of our manufacturing services to secure the supply of much needed innovative therapies. Senefill also provides meeting rooms and visit zones from where visitors can observe Fill & Finish operations.

Senefill is a major step for Novasep to achieve its growth strategy, Rise-2. This unit strongly distinguishes Novasep from its competitors in the market for viral vector drug product manufacturing services. It was crucial for us to be able to meet the growing needs of our clients for targeted and innovative therapies and address patients’ needs” states Michel Spagnol, Chairman and CEO of Novasep.

Novasp presents Senefill

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