The Autonomous Port of the Centre and the West (PACO), in the heart of Wallonia, ranks proudly among the most renowned ports in Belgium and France.

 With 20 years of sustained effort, PACO has risen through the ranks to become the fourth largest port in terms of tonnes transported, rivalling giants such as Antwerp, Paris and Liège.

A success story more than 20 years in the making

PACO has experienced remarkable growth since its modest beginnings in 2000, testifying to its dynamism and potential. Today, with over 7.2 million tonnes transhipped annually, it is a major player in Belgian river transport. This success is the result of a clear strategic vision and massive investment in infrastructure, which began in 1999.

A key partner for river transport

PACO occupies a special place in the Walloon port landscape. With almost 200 km of waterways and an area of influence that extends over Hainaut, Mons Borinage and Picardy Wallonia, it offers a strategic platform for river transport. Its eight canals, including the Charleroi-Brussels Canal, the Canal du Centre and the Upper Scheldt, make it a major logistics hub.

"The port - or more precisely, the port infrastructure manager, since PACO is not just focused on one city, but on an entire part of the Walloon backbone - is first and foremost a tool that benefits Wallonia, its businesses and its citizens". Christelle Kozak, PACO Director

A singular, multi-purpose and forward-looking port

 What sets PACO apart are its youth, dynamism and growth potential. As Wallonia's newest port, it embodies innovation and boldness. With ambitious projects such as PACO 4.0 and the Smart Track 4 Waterway (ST4W) programme, it is positioning itself as a pioneer in the port industry, one that is resolutely focused on the future.

PACO works closely with its concessionnaires, as well as with partners such as Logistics in Wallonia - the competitiveness cluster dedicated to the Transport, Logistics and Mobility sector in Wallonia - to ensure it is fertile ground for innovation. 

A number of projects are already underway, including PACO 4.0, last and first miles decarbonisation at Holcim, a green fuel station in the Pecq region and an urban logistics project.

Ambitious expansion plans

PACO is constantly evolving. With over 174 km of waterways and more than 72 hectares of developed quays, it has significant potential for expansion. Major projects, such as the creation of a new tri-modal platform at Baudour, the extension of the facilities at Manage and Seneffe and a pumping station at Comines are also in the pipeline.

To support its growth, PACO is also counting on the reopening of navigation on the Condé-Pommerœul canal and the future opening of the Seine-Nord Europe canal.


An economic, ecological and social pillar

In addition to its economic importance, PACO plays a crucial role in the transition to a greener, more sustainable economy.

By working closely with our partners, it helps to promote environmentally-friendly transport solutions and responsible practices. PACO makes an active contribution to reducing its carbon footprint by taking more than 340,000 trucks off the roads every year, saving more than 145,000 tonnes of CO2 as part of a sustainable development approach.

"PACO is an essential tool in the urgent need to implement actions to decarbonise companies and their logistics and limit the amount of haulage on our roads". Christelle Kozak, PACO Director

PACO embodies the dynamism and innovation of multimodal Wallonia. With its sustained growth and ambitious projects, it remains a key player in the regional economy while helping to build a more sustainable future.

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