Miracor Medical relocates from Vienna to Liège

Miracor Medical has developed a technological device which significantly reduces the after-effects of a heart attack.
The clinical results, which are conclusive, still need to be confirmed by a final randomised study in Europe before the product is launched on the market in 2019. With this in mind, the Austrian company, which is specialised in medical equipment, made the decision to raise €25 million.



“We have received several expressions of interest from various countries. Belgium emerged as the best opportunity to raise the necessary funds.”


The company was persuaded by three elements:

  • The complementarity of public support (SFPI-FPIM, SRIW and Meusinvest) which together account for just over half of the €25 million, in the form of loans, repayable advances and equity.
  • The “dynamic ecosystem” which is in evidence in the province of Liège, including around twenty companies specialised in medical equipment, together employing 620 people.
  • The possibility to recruit local talent. “There is very straightforward access to talent, and this was one of the elements of our decision to choose Belgium”, explains Olivier Delporte. Thanks to the long-standing presence of major pharmaceutical companies, there is a pool of qualified people here who are familiar with our high standards.

Focus on the device developed by Miracor Medical

The device is a catheter inserted into the coronary sinus, at the exit of the heart, during treatment following a heart attack. Connected to a console, it inflates and deflates during surgery to improve circulation in the heart, significantly reducing the after-effects of the surgery and the risk of heart failure.

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