Historic and symbolic day for Liege Airport : the milestone of 1 million tonnes transported was reached with the landing of a plane from the Russian company Airbridge Cargo chartered by the Chinese company HongYuan and handled by the French company WFS and the Belgian company Belgium Airport Services (BAS). This international logistics chain is a fine example of the development of Liege Airport.

Since 1996, with the arrival of the first carrier Cargo Airlines (CAL), the airport has focussed its strategy on “full cargo”, which involves working with airlines that carry only cargo on their planes. The arrival of TNT in 1998 was at the roots of this development and, since then, many companies have joined Liege Airport.

Luc Partoune, CEO

In 1996, we transported just under 8,000 tonnes. The figure of 1 million tonnes shows how far we have come since then with an almost equal distribution between import and export. This is the result of the work of our entire cargo community and I would like to thank and congratulate our staff and all our partners once again.

In addition to the European network TNT, which has been gradually consolidated, its intercontinental connections now make Liege Airport an essential hub for many operators.

We connect more than 250 airports around the world with Fedex, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian, AirBridge Cargo, CAL, Astral, Air China Cargo, SF Express, Icelandair and others. Liège has become a world-scale village for all high-value goods that must travel quickly and far. The development of the airport is carried out entirely in compliance with the regulatory framework (PDLT), which is determined by the Region”, adds Luc Partoune.

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