HEPHAISTOS-Pharma, a young French biotech company specialising in developing molecules to boost immunotherapies, has chosen Wallonia to expand its activities.

This strategic decision is part of the company's ambitious programme to revolutionise cancer treatment by stimulating patients' immune systems.

An innovative biotech company serving immunotherapy


Founded in 2018 by Martine and Frederic Caroff, HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is committed to researching a new generation of biological treatments for oncology. The company has developed an innovative platform, whose flagship product, Onco-Boost, works by stimulating patients' immune cells. This pioneering approach aims to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapies and offers a glimmer of hope for cancers previously considered incurable, such as osteosarcoma.

Raising funds and clinical development

With a financing round raising €2 million, HEPHAISTOS-Pharma intends to use these funds to industrialise its manufacturing process, prepare its lead candidate, Onco-Boost, for clinical trials, and open a subsidiary in Liège. This subsidiary, located in the Giga tower, will benefit from the proximity of the University of Liège's research institute in biomedical sciences, strengthening its links with the local ecosystem.

Setting up in Wallonia: a strategic choice

In addition to developing its flagship product, HEPHAISTOS-Pharma has chosen to open a subsidiary in Liège to explore new opportunities and strengthen its pipeline. The Liège region, with its dynamic ecosystem and potential partners, offers the French biotech company a favourable environment for exploring additional applications.

Future prospects and partnerships

HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is also considering using its technology as a vaccine adjuvant, although this is still at an early stage of development. The financial shareholding of Xista, an Austrian investment fund specialising in early-stage oncology, and the Fournier-Majoie Foundation, underlines the confidence shown in the strong potential of the technology HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is developing.

Paving the way for new advances

HEPHAISTOS-Pharma's new site in Wallonia marks a crucial step in the development of this innovative biotech company. With its flagship product, Onco-Boost, the company aims to redefine immunotherapy standards and offer promising solutions for patients suffering from incurable cancers. Collaboration with local partners strengthens HEPHAISTOS-Pharma's position within the Walloon ecosystem, paving the way for new advances in the fight against cancer.

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