American technology giant Google recently obtained long-awaited authorisation to set up three vast data centres in Wallonia.

This news represents not only a significant expansion of Google's operations in Belgium but also a commitment to the environment, as strict measures are in place to ensure the sustainability of these facilities.

Google commits to a sustainable future

The data centres will be located in the Ecopôle, a business park that embodies the principles of sustainable development. Despite initial concerns about the environmental impact of these energy-intensive installations, the Walloon authorities approved the project, subject to strict conditions. Google has committed to ensuring that 90% of the energy used in its data centres will be carbon-free by 2025, rising to 95% by 2030.

Investment in renewable energies

To meet these requirements, Google plans to install photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the three data centres, covering an impressive 200,000 square metres. This initiative is part of a wider effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations. Google will also use inland waterways to transport building materials, thus reducing its environmental impact.

Job creation and economic stimulation

In addition to the environmental benefits, Google's data centre projects offer a promising economic outlook for the Region. With a total investment of 600 million euros, the new developments are expected to stimulate the local economy and to create 600 to 700 local jobs. The new jobs will strengthen the local workforce and boost the Region's economic ecosystem.

A commitment to sustainable development

Aware of growing environmental concerns, Google has taken significant steps to ensure that its facilities meet the highest sustainability standards. In addition to using low-carbon energy, the company also plans to install photovoltaic panels on the data centre roofs, covering an impressive 200,000 square metres in solar power.

With a massive investment of 600 million euros and the potential creation of 400 jobs, this initiative promises to boost the local economy while reinforcing Google's commitment to sustainable development.

With these data centres, Google is establishing itself not only as a key player in Wallonia's technology industry but also as a partner committed to building a greener, more prosperous future for the region.

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