At the Global Smart Logistics Summit on 31 May 2018, Chinese logistics group Cainiao Smart Logistics Network announced that it had chosen Liege Airport as its bridgehead in Europe. Cainiao announced that various cities around the world, including Liege, would be hubs for e-commerce-related goods.

A partnership ensuring smart management of logistics flows

Through its vast network of collaborations and partners, Cainiao Smart Logistics Network provides logistics services and operates a collaborative data platform which ensures smart management of logistics flows. This platform provides logistics partners, buyers and sellers with real-time access to information.

E-commerce shipments from the Cainiao network already enter the European market via Liege Airport. The launch of the hub will increase current volumes and result in more flights between Asia and Liège airport.

Liege Airport, the European hub of Cainiao Smart Logistics Network

Liege has excellent potential to become an international hub, and this decision underlines the importance of the e-commerce sector for the development of Liege Airport.

The worldwide hubs aim to support the expansion of Cainiao's "Delivery in 5 days" service from 30 countries and regions currently to 100 major international cities in the next three years.


We sincerely thank all of our partners who have made it possible to welcome one of the largest logistics firms in the world. Cainiao has chosen our airport thanks to its flexibility, the quality of its services, its advantageous location in Europe, its 24/7 operation, and its connections with other continents.

Luc partoune

The e-commerce strategy in air cargo, a revolution for air transport and logistics handling

"The digitisation, tracking and automation of operations are profoundly changing our business. Liege Airport aims at becoming the cargo airport of the future, and the partnership with Cainiao will help achieve this objective" explains Luc Partoune.

This new partnership between a major logistics firm and Liege Airport will integrate local SMEs and boost their exports via e-commerce.

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