• Foreign trade specialists and export design consultants: We cover up to 50% of the fees of approved consultants, specialised in foreign trade or in export design, in order to assist you when launching a new product/service on a new market. Max. 25,000€. Conditions apply.
  • Export coaches, international markets specialist, Exports web marketeers, Language training: We cover up to 50% of the fees of export coaches, international markets specialist, exports web marketeers or language teachers.Mas. 20,000€. Conditions applys  


  • Communication support: We cover 50% of the production of promotional material such as brochures, 3D animations, ads in foreign papers or magazines. Max. 10,000€. Conditions apply.
  • Trade fairs in new markets: We cover 50% of the space rental price in a trade fair abroad. Max. 50,000€. Conditions apply.
  • Financial support to mobility outside EU: For yourself or your staff and even to invite your customers to Wallonia-Belgium
  • FOR ALL– Financial support for opening a commercial office within an approved incubator: We cover 50% of the costs of opening and running a commercial office in the incubator during up to 12 months. Conditions apply.


SOFINEX, a public limited company created on the initiative of the Walloon Government, aims at encouraging exports and investments or the creation of new Walloon companies, whether very small or small to medium-sized or large companies, throughout the world. The supported projects generate positive spin-off for economic activity and employment in Wallonia-Belgium. Therefore, SOFINEX provides, in addition of all the above, a whole rage of financial incentives. Some are specially designed for SME’s. Others are available to everyone.

  • FOR ALL - Financing the establishment of a subsidiary abroad. (*)
  • FOR ALL - Financing the takeover of a foreign company abroad. (*) 
  • FOR SME’s - Refinancing a client leasing / Supplier credit: financing Walloon SOHO/SMEs allowing them to offer favourable. payment conditions to their foreign customers in form of a leasing plan or a supplier credit. (*)
  • FOR ALL - Guarantee covering commercial credits or investment loans. Whatever your international project, SOFINEX allows you to access bank credit more easily through granting a guarantee to reduce the risk for the bank. (*)
  • FOR SME’S - Direct guarantee - investment in a foreign country: this guarantee aims at covering the risk of economic failure (bankruptcy) of a Walloon SME’s investment in a foreign country. (*)
  • FOR FOREIGN SME’S (European definition) - Direct guarantee - Foreign investor in the Walloon Region of Belgium: this guarantee, directly granted to a foreign company intending to invest in the Walloon Region, aims at covering the risk of economic failure (bankruptcy) of its investment in the Walloon Region. (*)
  • EMERGENT COUNTRIES FUND – For those interested in selling capital assets in emergent countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or South America. SOFINEX makes your offers more attractive by allocating you a grant representing 35% of the value of the associated good and services. (*)


(*) Conditions apply. Visit the website of SOFINEX

Find out more about the financial measures offered to Walloon exporters aimed at simplifying, offering more clarification and faster payment of subsidies

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