Competence centres

Competence centers for Walloon companies

The Competence centres, set up to provide training, to conduct a technology watch and to raise awareness of technologies, are a logical step in the development of Wallonia, with the aim of meeting needs expressed by companies, workers, job-seekers, the education system and the sectoral partners.

To keep pace with developments in training, the centres set up actions:

  • Upstream, through a technology watch and strategic intelligence, the dissemination of information and awareness-raising about new technologies.
  • Downstream, with the validation of skills, the improvement of the insertion channels, etc.

Networking the Competence centres guarantees coherence between the objectives and actions pursued, the harmonised operation of the centres, the rollout of joint campaigns and control over the entire programme. The network sets out to guarantee the global strategy of the Competence centres.

To obtain the “Competence centre” label, the centres must fulfil missions that are essential both for the sector and for the different target audiences of the Competence centres.

Of these missions, 5 are specific:


Vocational training is the primary mission of the Competence centres. It is essential for the businesses linked to the various sectors of activity covered by the Competence centres.

Whom does it target?

  • job seekers,
  • apprentices and new recruits,
  • employees (including managers and company directors),
  • teachers, within the framework of their continuous training,
  • students in the last year of technical and vocational education with the aim of easing the transition towards employment.


The Competence centres put their human resources and facilities at the disposal of technical and vocational secondary education establishments and all the vocational training operators in the sector.

This action is widely supported by Wallonia, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the industry organisations. Its main aim is to enhance the status of technical professions.
Giving teachers and pupils access to a Competence centre will allow them to reinforce their approach to cutting-edge technologies and will give them an insight into the professions linked to the activities of the sector.

Special training courses are laid on for students who already have a foothold in a technical field and to their teachers.


The Competence Centres are also active in the field of information through several key actions:

  • through participation in trade fairs
  • through participation in regional and international events;
  • through the organisation of seminars, road shows, open days, round tables, awareness raising workshops, in the infrastructures of the centres;
  • through information sessions earmarked for future trainees in order to explain to them the content of the training courses.

The aim is to do everything possible to encourage meetings and exchanges between all the players of the different channels.

Technology watch

Always with their finger on the pulse, the Competence centres keep up with latest developments in their field of activity. The technology watch allows them to keep abreast of the constnat evolutions in the professions, of the jobs and the training needs. The centres thus permanently adapt their offers to ensure that the beneficiary companies get as much out of them as possible.

Skills management

Have your professional skills recognised by a “Skills Certificate”.

This is an official document that certifies your proficiency in a profession. A practical test is organised for each of the Certificates. The candidate can choose the Certificate(s) that they wish to obtain according to their skills.

To help you in your choices, all the competence units linked to a profession and all the test criteria can be obtained in advance from an adviser.

To find out more:
Consult the list of competence centres.


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