Training future-oriented in Wallonia

Is your company evolving and in need of new skills to meet the demands of the market?

Wallonia takes pride in its qualified and motivated human resources whose productivity is 20% higher than the European average. A real gold mine for companies relocating to the Region!

Do you want to brush up on your employees’ skills through training courses? Wallonia offers a very broad selection of training courses through a particularly dense network of Higher Education Establishments and Universities or Continuous Training Centres. These training courses tap into the needs of the market: 90% of higher education or university graduates are in employment.

These courses are dispensed in no fewer than 130 higher education establishments and 9 university centres (3 academies), spread throughout the region.

A concentration of brainpower that is unrivalled in Europe

Scientific teaching in our universities in particular is of an exceptionally high standard and its reputation has spread beyond our borders. Indeed Walloon grey matter is in high demand abroad.

Furthermore, the educational structures and tools set up in Wallonia safeguard the continuity of this scientific training… and guarantee you a unique reserve of qualified and multilingual human resources for all the Research & Development activities.

Training based on forward thinking!

Wallonia has:

  • 3.3 million inhabitants;
  • 9 university centres, grouped together in 3 academies;
  • 130 higher education establishments;
  • 300 research centres;
  • 6 university science parks dedicated to cutting-edge technologies;
  • several approved collective research centres;
  • a vast network of competence centres.

A highly-qualified and multilingual workforce

The percentage of highly qualified human resources is amongst the highest in the world. In Belgium, one quarter of the population of working age holds at least one higher education certificate. This highly-qualified workforce gives the region’s companies a high potential for innovation and allows Wallonia to hold its own against competitors in the high-tech sector and the industries of the future. Add to that an exceptionally high degree of multilingualism, due in particular to the country’s central position at the heart of three major cultures, the Anglo-Saxon, the Germanic and the Latin,  and you have yourself a very outward looking and multicultural society.

An international profile

Are you on the lookout for a multilingual manager with international experience? Your search stops here. Wallonia is the place for you, as it is much easier to find this kind of profile here than in the United States, in Japan, in the United Kingdom or in Ireland. We even leave Germany, France or the Netherlands in the shade!

Wallonia boasts an excellent social climate.

The percentage of working hours lost due to industrial disputes is no more than 0.9% in Belgium, compared with 1.6% in Germany, 2.1% in France, 2.6% in the United Kingdom and 4% in the Netherlands.

Improve the professional qualifications of your employees via the Forem training courses, the competence centres, the centres of excellence, the innovation centres (Microsoft Innovation Center-EurogreeniT) and the Creative Wallonia programme.


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