The Invests

The Walloon Region helps support venture capital in favour of SME/VSE through public Invests. For this purpose, it has entrusted SOWALFIN with the task of coordinating the work of the Invests.

The Invests are central tools in the region’s economic and financial policy.

Their aim is to encourage the development of SME and the creation of stable jobs within the geographical area they cover.

The partnership between the Invests and the Walloon Region, represented by the SOWALFIN takes the form of a funding agreement signed between Wallonia and each Walloon Invest. This agreement lays down the terms and conditions of funding and the involvement of Invest as well as the supervisory powers wielded by the SOWALFIN over the Invest.

When do the Invests come into play?

Their involvement takes the form of financial contributions, mainly through equity financing techniques:

  • minority shareholdings with a buyout undertaking,
  • venture loans convertible into shares,
  • subordinated loans.

To meet their undertakings, they have a mixed capital, bringing in Wallonia, private companies as well as drawing rights provided by the Walloon Region.

The SOWALFIN is also in charge of implementing and monitoring certain financial aids granted within the framework of the European structural funds.

Which Invest should I contact?

There are currently 9 Invests and 14 subsidiaries that cover Wallonia as a whole.

To find out more, visit the SOWALFIN web site:


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