Investment aid

Investment grants are awarded to companies that make investments and create jobs in Wallonia.

This aid varies according to:

The size of the company

Criteria Workforce Total balance sheet or turnover
Very small enterprise < 10 employees < € 2,000,000
Small enterprise Between 10 and 50 employees < € 10,000,000
Medium-sized enterprise Between 50 and 250 employees < € 43,000,000
< € 50,000,000
Large enterprise Enterprise that does not meet the SME criteria described above.

The company’s activity

To give some idea, the main eligible sectors of activity are:

  • production or processing activities,
  • wholesale activities,
  • services to companies activities,
  • biotechnology,
  • chemicals,
  • aeronautics and space,
  • new materials…

Contact us for more detailed information about the sectors that are eligible or not eligible for public incentives on +3281.332.850

The location of the company

Wallonia has set aside “development zones” in which it is possible to benefit from even more attractive grants.

The investments that enter into consideration must reach a minimum amount of € 500,000 for SME and € 1,000,000 for large enterprises.
These investments may be earmarked for the purchase of buildings, of new equipment, of rolling stock over 3.5 tonnes (with the exception of the transport sector), but also for immaterial investments.
These investments must be recorded as balance sheet assets for five years as from the date of the completion of the investment. Failure to respect this condition means that the company will have to refund the grant received.

Maximum levels of aid 2014-2020

The table below details the maximum amount of aid that can be awarded to companies investing in the Wallonia region:


This aid represents a percentage applied to the eligible amount of investment.


Wallonia also encourages companies to follow an investment programme with an environmental protection component or involving sustainable energy use.

Within this legal framework, the company must make investments in Wallonia with a view to achieving the following aims:

  • exceeding the existing Community standards,
  • anticipating a Community standard,
  • reducing energy consumption,
  • developing energies obtained from renewable energy sources and developing high yield cogeneration plants.

To benefit from this aid, the company must make an investment of a minimum amount of € 25,000.
Wallonia’s contribution depends on the objective pursued by this investment, the size of the company and the location.

For investments with an environmental protection component, the rate can be as high as 40% and 50% of the amount invested within the framework of sustainable energy use. The rate applies to the additional costs to achieve the environmnetal protection objectives minus the value of the green certificates obtained over five years.

As this is a very complex area, contact us to receive detailed information about the level and type of aid that could apply to your project on +3281.332.850


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