The Economy and the Marshall Plan

A budget (€ 2.9 billion), a period (2015-2019), five priority axes

The Marshall Plan 4.0 mobilises a budget of 2.9 billion euros over the period 2015-2019.
It focuses on five priority axes for the Walloon economic redeployment and the structuring of a genuine industrial policy.:

  1.  Turning human capital into an asset

    …through measures to strengthen the links between training and education; these measures will be drafted in coordination with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, particularly through the development of sandwich-type training schemes; promoting sandiwh courses as a measure for provinding access to the employment market or a return to work, developing life-long guidance for learners, updating the equipment in training centrescontinuing and improving the “language plan”, improving access to higher education and life-long training, raising awareness of entrepreneurship.

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  2. Innovation and growth

    Support the development of industry within a technologically proactive perspective, by finding more and better ways to involve SMEs; renewing the research strategy and the strategy of the competitiveness clusters, supproting business innovation and internationalisation, financing the growth of business, supporting the development of companies.

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  3. Mobilise the territory for economic development

    Use the territory as an essential resource in our economic development; working on all the infrastructures intended for economic activities, making economic activity zones a lever for deployment, supporting autonomous ports, recycling renovated business sites for the development of new activities, guaranteeing accessibility to economic develoment clusters, increasing support for shared workshops and incubator centres.

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  4. Energy and circular economy

    Support efficiency and energy transition, particularly by integrating and strengthening the circular economy process; creating the conditions for the development of a circular and functional economy, supporting the projects.

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  5. Digital innovation

    Support digital innovation by integrating this dimension into industrial and social practices, creating an integrated digital transition plan, developing the Administration 4.0, supporting technological and digital territorial intelligence.

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The setting up of this Plan is followed up by the Government and is regularly evaluated.

Click here to download the Marshall Plan 4.0.

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