The Economy and the Marshall Plan

Marshall Plan 2.GreenAn ambitious action plan to take up the economic, social and environmental challenges facing Wallonia – The Marshall Plan 2.Green – 2.75 billion over the period 2009-2014!

Setting out from the Priority Action Plan evaluated in 2009 (also known as the “Marshall  Plan”) and the challenges facing the Region (economic, social and environmental), the Walloon Government – in coordination with the Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation – has updated and optimised its priorities via a “Marshall Plan 2.Green”.

This has been endowed with a budget of € 2.75 billion (€ 1.15 billion of which is alternative funding) for the period 2009-2014 and is hinged around the following 6 priority areas:

  1. The human capital, an asset to be developed: ongoing reforms (in particular for the development of life-long learning) and greater coordination between education, training, employment and economic policies.
  2. The competitiveness clusters and the company networks, a success that needs to be built on: ongoing redeployment of the industrial policy, based on the networking of players, through the competitiveness clusters and clustering policies.
  3. Use scientific research to pave the way for the future: shoring up of investments in R&D, backing for the excellence of scientific research, reinforced role of research and innovation within the economic fabric, etc.
  4. Set up a framework conducive to the creation of activities and quality jobs: continuation and consolidation of the policies to support entrepreneurial spirit, the creation and development of companies with particular attention to SME, policies that favour the internationalisation of companies and othe development of the territory for investors.
  5. The Employment-Environment Alliance, a future-looking strategy: The aim is to develop  a series of actions designed to grab the new opportunities triggered by the development of the “green” sector: innovation, training, employment, etc.
  6. Combining employment and social well-being: policies that promote employment in the care industry.

The rollout of the Plan is the subject of close monitoring by the Government, and is regularly evaluated.

Click here to access the presentation of the Marshall Plan 2.Green.


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