Why Wallonia?

La Wallonie logoWallonia boasts a wealth of resources to boost business performance. The Walloon Government has decided to invest 2.75 billion over the next 3 years to deploy the Marshall Plan2.Green, made up of 6 lynchpins that will shore up the Walloon economy.

With the new growth dynamic, a vast number of companies have teamed up to develop their activities and find ways of working together. 11 key sectors benefit from these networks today.

The policy operated by the Walloon Government in the field of foreign investments is underpinned by significant financial aid at each step of a company’s development.

Training is also central to this recent policy and training courses are now a common feature in companies attracting the participation of many public players.

All these tools designed to foster your development put Wallonia in an ideal strategic position to welcome your company, at the very heart of Europe.


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