Labour and productivity

A qualified workforce and productivity that is almost 20% higher than the European average.

Wallonia has a stock of qualified and motivated human resources whose productivity is 20% higher than the European average. A real goldmine for companies setting up in the Region!

Industrial productivity

GDP per person employed in industry, US$

Productivité en industrie en WallonieIMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010Source : IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010

A highly qualified and multilingual workforce

The percentage of qualified workers in Belgium stands among the highest in the world: 1/4 of persons of working age is educated to higher level. This highly-qualified workforce guarantees companies who relocate here an innovative potential and allows Wallonia to hold its own in the world of high technologies and other future-looking industries.  The region’s language skills are also impressive, due in particular to the country’s central position  at the heart of three major cultures, the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Latin, and an immigrant population that is perfectly integrated with the economic fabric of the region.

Labour and productivity in  Wallonia

A wide-ranging and high-quality education and training system

Wallonia’s educational system dispenses a broad range of courses that meet business needs: 90% of higher education or university graduates are in employment. Courses are available in no fewer than 130 higher education institutes and 9 university centres (grouped together into 3 academies), spread throughout the region.

Science teaching at university level in particular is exceptionally advanced and enjoys an international reputation. Furthermore, the educational structures and tools set up in Wallonia guarantee the continuity of this scientific education … and that of a unique reservoir of qualified and multilingual human resources for all Research & Development activities.

The competence centres

The fruit of partnerships between Wallonia, the Forem, the social partners of the professional sectors, the research centres and the universities, the Competence Centres that have been created in Wallonia represent a new concept in the field of continuous training. Designed in line with an open and multifunctional approach, these “new generation” centres offer  modern training facilities but are also spaces dedicated to knowledge, know-how and, above all, to innovation.

Click here to discover the map of Wallonia’s competence centres.

Excellence clusters in all the major sectors of activity

Thanks to the close cooperation between academia and business, thanks also the quality and diversity of the training dispensed, Wallonia has seen clusters of excellence flourish on its territory in the most innovative of sectors. The reputation of these clusters of excellence has spread beyond its borders. They cover a broad spectrum of industries, as illustrated below:

  • IT and telecommunications and life sciences in Namur ;
  • agricultural and agrifood technologies and life sciences in Gembloux;
  • aerospace in Liege;
  • aeronautics and graphic arts in Charleroi;
  • telecommunications and new material technologies in Mons;
  • petrochemicals in the Seneffe and Feluy business parks;
  • the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors in Louvain-la-Neuve;
  • environmental sciences in Luxembourg;
  • transport and logistics in the province of Liege and in Hainaut.


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