Financial incentives

A string of financial incentives has been set up to facilitate the relocation of new companies and business growth in Wallonia.

This financial aid makes it possible to:

  • Contribute to company relocation costs (up to 20 %);
  • Reduce the burden of taxes and social contributions;
  • Encourage the recruitment and training of staff;
  • Finance consultancy;
  • Support export projects;
  • Foster the use of renewable energies or environmental initiatives.

This list would not be complete without referring to the various very useful financial measures available within the framework of European programmes.

Venture capital

Access to venture capital is facilitated by the widescale availability of private or public funds, ready to participate in the creation or extension of dynamic activities. In Wallonia, more than elsewhere, companies are reputed for their high return on investment in the mid term.

Financial incentives for company relocations in Wallonia

Examples of financial aid and incentives

Pharmaceutica distribution center (pharmaceutical division of a large international group)

  • Investment of € 49,000,000
  • 135 new jobs created
  • Public grants:
    • Subsidies of 22.4 % to support its relocation , i.e. € 11,000,000
    • Support from the FOREM with staff selection and recruitment

Silicon R&D Center

  • Investment of €36,000,000 earmarked to increase the production and delivery capacity of new products and to improve the energy and environmental efficiency of the production unit
  • Creation of 75 jobs
  • Public grants:
    • Subsidies of 21%, i.e. € 7,500,000

 Setting up of a tourist centre 

  • Investment of € 11,000,000
  • 32 jobs created in the economic development zone
  • Public grants:
    • Subsidies of 18 % within the framework of its creation: € 1,980,000
    • Exoneration from withholding tax for 5 years


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