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Wallonia is a region whose development has always been driven by trading relations with its neighbours but also with countries further afield.

The ideal geographical position and the high quality transport infrastructure have given a further boost to the natural tendency of Walloon companies to explore foreign markets.

Wallonia’s export clout is also backed up by the figures: over the past ten years, exports have witnessed a constant and significant growth (almost 10% on average per annum). This growth outstrips the European average and that of most of its neighbouring countries. A truly impressive performance, especially given the fact that more than 75% of Wallonia’s GDP is generated by exports, in a varied range of sectors. This multi-sector excellence merely reflects the performance of our companies’ products.

The top 15 foreign customers (as a % of total)

Top 15 foreign customers in Wallonia

The top 10 export sectors (as a % of total)

Top 10 export sectors in Wallonia

The Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency:  your passport to growth

Thanks to its experience and its brief, that of promoting Wallonia, disseminating information, dispensing training and providing advice, the Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency is the ideal partner to efficiently help all companies looking to broaden their business horizons.

105 sales offices, dotted world-wide, can help you analyse, explore and develop your international markets. Numerous experts, across all sectors, can inform you or help you prospect new foreign markets. Financial aid can also be granted to cover your travel and accommodation expenses, your international marketing costs, etc. To find out more, consult us on www.awex.be.


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