At the heart of Europe

Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Wallonia is at the Heart of Europe and of the industrialised world. Close to Brussels and to Western Europe’s major cities, such as London, Paris, Berlin and Rotterdam, Brussels is also the seat of prestigious international institutions (NATO, European Commission, etc.) and the headquarters of many multinationals from all over the world.

Brussels, the capital of Europe

Brussels is the seat of the European Commission, the European Parliament, of NATO, Eurocontrol, the World Customs Organisation, Shape and 1,500 international organisations, 220 representative offices of cities and regions, 160 embassies and most of the European professional associations and federations.

Brussels, along with Washington, is one of the world’s most important media hubs, while more than 100 foreign banks have branches there. Brussels is also the headquarters of 1,700 international companies, home to more than 300 international legal or consultancy firms, and offers you no fewer than 21 international schools delivering an education to thousands of children of international managers, executives and civil servants.

Paris, Strasbourg, London, Amsterdam, The Hague, Luxembourg, Cologne, Frankfurt, or again Munich or Geneva are accessible in only a few hours by road, train or plane which means that Wallonia has direct connections with all of Euorpe’s decision-making centres and seats of power.

Wallonia, a strong presence on the international stage:

Wallonia is one of the most autonomous federated entities in the world and has the legal jurisdiction to manage its own international relations in its areas of competence.

Around ten Wallonia-Brussels delegations officially represent Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation abroad. Wallonia also has a network of economic and commercial attachés who very much work in partnership with exporting companies, present in around one hundred countries and within five international organisations.

An export reflex:

The Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency provides companies with information and advice on their strategic positioning, by developing the “export reflex”.

As part of its remit of attracting and supporting inward investment, the AWEX is responsible for promoting the region abroad and supports and informs potential foreign investors through every stage of their reclocation project. When your project is up and running, we continue to provide you with our day to day backing.

For more than 60 years, Wallonia, as a founding member of the European Union, has been a key player in the European project. During the Presidencies of the Council of Ministers, it advocated an integrated, efficient, united and citizen Europe that grants the regions the institutional status that they deserve.

As a founding member of the Assembly of the Regions of Europe, it was an ardent supporter of the creation of the Committee of the Regions by the Maastricht Treaty.

Wallonia is involved in several crossborder partnerships concluded in particular within the framework of the European INTERREG programmes.

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