Access to capital

Access to capital in Wallonia

Direct access to the capital market

The Belgian banking system is characterised by its liberalism and strong concentration. In fact there is no obstacle to the free circulation of capital and the regulatory requirements are kept to a minimum.
The network of retail banks in Belgium is among the densest in the world. Thanks to Belgium’s international outlook, more than half of banking activities take place within an international framework. Furthermore, there is a broadcorporate credit offering without any discrimination in terms of the investor’s nationality.

An international financial market

Belgium is also up there in pole position when it comes to the list of international financial markets. Most large companies are listed on the Brussels stock exchange, which allows them to easily leverage new capital by raising money on the markets or through a stock market floatation. The formalities governing recourse to public capital are particularly simple and efficient.

Funding in Wallonia: the key partners

Several companies or bodies in Wallonia make funding available to Belgian or foreign companies wishing to set up or expand in Wallonia.

  •  The S.R.I.W. (Société régionale d’investissement) participates in project funding either by taking a stake in the capital or by granting a loan that can be convertible.
  • Sowalfin SA – Société wallonne de Financement et de Garantie des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises sets out to serve as the ONE STOP FINANCIAL SHOP for SME and VSE in Wallonia and coordinates the work of each of the 9 regional Invests. It helps fund the creation, development and transmission of SME by granting subordinated loans in additional to bank loans (“Co-funding” activity).
  • Private initiatives (pooling together various regional development players) have sprung up to extend the offering of venture capital such as E-Capital ( ) and Start-it ( ). A non-exhaustive list of the venture capital players is available by clicking here.

Secure the success of your relocation thanks to investment grants!

Wallonia has put together a system of financial incentives to stimulate business, to encourage the relocation and development of new job-creating companies. The intensity of this aid depends on the value of the project, the location of the company (outside or within a development zone) and the number of new jobs created.
Investors benefit from European and regional financial incentives that can account for as much as 50% of their investment.

Incentives for Ecological Investments

Wallonia grants specific incentives for environmentally-friendly investments with a research and development focus. For investment projects specifically located in geographical areas eligible for the European structural funds, additional European incentives can be obtained in addition to the purely regional incentives.

To find out more, consult the “investment grants” fact sheet.

The free zones

At the beginning of 2006, the Walloon government decided to set aside economic redevelopment zones: the free zones.
Companies based in or that relocate to these geographical areas are entitled to specific tax breaks.
In these zones, investment aid can be as much as 25 or even 40% higher.

We are here to guide you towards the incentive best adapted to your project. If you wish to obtain a personalised offer, we can provide you with a breakdown adjusted to the scenario for your project. All you have to do is click here.


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