Stefan Bendfeldt EMEA Warehousing Operations Manager at Mölnlycke Health Care

The location of Wallonia represents an advantage both for incoming and outgoing goods.

Mölnlycke Health Care (MHC) is a Swedish company established in Gothenberg and active in the medical items field (in particular the treatment of wounds). In Belgium, the company has a factory, a sterilisation centre, a customer service centre and a distribution centre at Waremme. Stefan Bendfeldt, EMEA Warehousing Operations Manager: «MHC has been operating in Wallonia for more than 30 years. Initially, we arrived in Wallonia following the takeover of a company. But beyond that, it became quite apparent that the geographical location of Wallonia constituted a clear logistics advantage. And today, the factory has the support of the most important EDC of the group, in Waremme. This enables a direct liaison between the two entities before shipment of the products to the four corners of the world.»

«This centre is at the heart of our European operations. Its location represents an advantage both for incoming and outgoing goods. We are located between France and Germany, which are two of our most important markets. The qualified Walloon workforce is another advantage.» The company is currently making substantial investments in the production unit, while the distribution centre continues to expand.

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