Michele Bosa General Manager at CooperVision

Liège is the primary logistics region of Europe, and this is one of the reasons why we came here.

Active in the design and production of contact lenses, American group CooperVision set up its European Distribution Centre in the Liège region in February 2006. This new European hub represented an investment of 5 million Euros for the third largest contact lens manufacturer in the world, and led to the creation of around seventy jobs in the first phase. Today, 135 persons work in the 6,500 m² centre, located in buildings rented from Vincent Logistics in Hauts-Sarts.

The main reasons why the American management was convinced by Liège are to be found in the central position it occupies in Europe and its many means of communications. Assistance and subsidies offered by the Walloon Region for the creation of jobs also played a part in tipping the balance. Another explanation for the interest shown by CooperVision is the skill of the people the company’s management met. Marketing its lenses across the globe, CooperVision has been able to shorten its delivery times to European clients, and particularly to northern continental Europe. It is a little early to talk of it, but an expansion of the centre is being envisaged.

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