Fernando Picone European Operations Manager at Blount Europe

Blount Inc. has never had any doubts about the know-how of our Walloon personnel.

If Blount Europe SA, a division of American group Blount Inc. has installed its European Distribution Centre in Courcelles, this is amongst others for reasons of… history. Blount has in fact had a presence in Wallonia since 1967, and there was no question for the mother country that it would leave a region with which it had always been entirely satisfied! Two years ago, WDP, a closed-end property investment company, came to an agreement with Blount for the rental of a 10,000 m² depot at Courcelles, some 30 km south of Brussels. At the same time, WDP took over the former industrial site at Nivelles, which had become too small to respond to the needs of a modern industrial group working with products of differing sizes, formats and weights.

Courcelles has become the main centre for the marketing and distribution of chainsaw chains and the various accessories which the company (under its Oregon brand) supplies to the forestry industry in the countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Ten metre high racking and 13 loading bays (against 2 in Nivelles) make the operators’ task much easier. The installation of the European platform coincided with the desire of the group to improve its efficiency at the production and logistics levels.

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