Recruiting staff in Wallonia


For a simple and competitive solution, the Forem (Wallonia’s public employment agency) should be your first stop when it comes to recruiting in Wallonia.
The free services proposed by the Forem range from the transfer of information on job seekers to training and insertion programmes for these same category of workers within companies.

As a partner of the Awex, the Forem helps you with all the paperwork to be completed when recruiting a worker from outside the European Economic Area.
It also supplies all the documentation necessary for the recruitment procedures.

The Forem offers specific support for foreign investors thanks to a specialised department: Forem Foreign Investors Contact.
This service is a one-stop-shop for potential foreign investors.
The Forem Foreign Investors Contact can provide comprehensive information about:

  • the range of services and support offered by the Forem,
  • the resources at the Forem’s disposal,
  • the best people to speak to within the Forem.

As soon as your project takes shape, we will organise a meeting with this department on your behalf.

Take us up on our employment measures

Several aid measures set up by the Walloon Government support business competitiveness

These measures can be broken down into two categories:

  • Tax benefits and grants that make it possible to reduce wage costs: this is the case for the recruitment grants, reduced social charges or tax breaks for R&D, export or quality employees.
  • Support measures to encourage training: attractive training plans or programmes, financial grants in favour of staff training and the integration of job seekers in the company…

Example of a measure: the Training – Insertion – Plan (TIP)

The job seeker is entitled to a training period (of between 4 and 26 weeks, or even 52 weeks for a young job seeker under the age of 25) determined between the employer and the Forem, immediately followed by an employment contract for a duration at least equivalent to that of the training.

  • The advantage: the trainee continues to benefit from any unemployment  benefits to which they are entitled and the company pays them an incentive grant, exempt of social security contributions. Thus, at the end of the training period, the company appoints en employee who is efficient and productive from the word go.

Contact us for a practical simulation adapted to your needs and your project.


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