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Hosting your activities in WalloniaWallonia has a broad offering of new or recent industrial buildings, perfectly adapted to your development project. Different solutions to host your activities are available across the region. Depending on the type of activity in question, you will quickly have an infrastructure that is adapted to your needs thanks to these different solutions:

A business park at the cutting-edge of technology

Wallonia, in cooperation with the eight intercommunal economic development agencies, manages more than two hundred business parks with a total surface area of almost 12,100 hectares with links to Europe’s major communication and transport networks. These industrial business parks are characterised by the abundant availability of land at reasonable prices. They are fully serviced (water, electricity, telecommunications, drainage and in some cases gas and optic fibre) and linked to the best R&D centres in Wallonia.

A science park

Close to the major university centres and the major communication routes, the science parks are open to hi-tech companies with an R&D focus. They cover a total surface area of 693 hectares and offer numerous hosting possibilities. They also come with office space and laboratories for short or long term rental. The major sectors of activities of the science parks include life sciences, information technologies, chemicals, quality management, electronics, aerospace, new materials, engineering, aeronautics and graphic arts.

The Science Parks of Wallonia (SpoW)

The SpoW, a network of Science Parks in Wallonia, groups together seven Science and Technology Parks:

  • Louvain-la-Neuve Science Park (IBA, Pfizer, IRIS, GSK Biologicals… ),
  • Liege Science Park (Eurogentec, Zentec, EVS…),
  • Créalys In Namur (Océ Software, SGS, AIB Vinçotte, GSK Biologicals…),
  • Aéropole  in Charleroi (Johnson & Johnson, Caterpillar, AGC…),
  • Initialis in Mons (Microsoft Innovation Centre, Polymedis, I-Movix, I-Care…),
  • Qualitis in Enghien (Baxter, Natiss-Materia Nova, Valeo…).
  • Novalis in Marche-en-Famenne

Incubators or business centres

The incubators and business centres are designed to provide a temporary home to one or several SME in their start-up phase. Most of these incubators, office spaces, laboratories, etc. are planted right in the middle of the business parks, the aim being to provide entrepreneurs with premises under attractive conditions with or without joint services and facilities (telephone, photocopier, meeting room, secretary, internet, receptionist, furniture, etc.). This formula allows companies to set up in Wallonia, to test and evaluate the market, to determine their future development as well as the real estate needs before taking the decision to invest in their own infrastructure.

A business centre

Business centres are an ideal launching pad for all business projects. Whether a national or international young start-up or a well-established company eager to have immediate access to services such as: furnished offices and meeting rooms, a registered address for headquarters or commercial premises, receptionist, complete multilingual secretarial service, office logistics, fax, photocopier, printers, scanner… The business centre allows the entrepreneur to exploit the potential of an exciting new project without breaking the bank. It paves the way for foreign companies to relocate in order to test the Belgian and European markets.


Co-working spaces

This is a matter of providing entrepreneurs, freelancers and homeworkers interested in the dynamic of working in an open plan space with suitable and equipped premises, while at the same time offering them advice, direction and assistance designed to facilitate the development of their businesses.

In the context of Creative Wallonia, a call for projects for the introduction of co-working spaces was launched and eight projects distributed throughout Wallonia’s different provinces were selected: Cristal Hub Seraing, Coworking Charleroi, Cowork Factory La Louvière, Connexion Mons, La Forge Liège, Coworking Namur and ESCOT Tournai.

For further information concerning co-working spaces, visit AWT’s website



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