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The Network of Walloons Abroad

You’re originally from Wallonia; your family is still there; you studied there – or just fell in love with the region and would like to make it better known and help raise its international profile…..in that case, join our network of Walloons abroad!

Made up of players engaged in economic and cultural fields who live abroad and enjoy an extended network of business relations, this active network is the best ambassador for the appeal of Wallonia in foreign countries, helping to foster a positive image for our region.

Being a member of our network enables you to get information about Wallonia that’s not generally available, and to showcase your native region in your business circles.

Want to belong to a network? Need any more information? Then get in touch with Christophe SMITZ!

The Foreign Investors Club

Charter of the Foreign Investors Club.

The principal objectives pursued and promoted by the Club are:

  • As a player in the Contrat d’Avenir [Contract for the Future] and Priority Action Plan for Wallonia, to assist in raising and promoting the international profile of the Wallonia brand as a place that welcomes investment in industry, goods and services.
  • To consider and put forward practical proposals and suggestions aimed at raising public knowledge of Wallonia in the world of business, in Europe and the rest of the world.
  • To offer the active forces in Wallonia Region a suite of new ideas and measures that have proved useful in encouraging development, designed to promote greater awareness of the region and its industrial competitiveness.
  • To put forward any social or economic measures that would enhance Wallonia’s competitiveness and appeal in the ‘entrepreneurial’ world.
  • To share and pool international professional and personal contacts in order to keep these informed of the business opportunities waiting to be exploited in Wallonia.
  • To promote contacts with top-performing local SMEs, so as to strengthen the existing economic fabric, develop the bulwarks of the economy by better integrating the synergies achieved, and by anticipating the changes that will be decisive in the future.

Also, more generally:

To organise any public forum, action or event that will help further the objectives of the Club.

Would you like to join the Foreign Investors Club or want to be kept informed of its special events? Just get in contact with Françoise CATHERINE!

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