Start’Air: investment fund for airline companies

Il y a 3 years

Liège Airport and the public fund Meusinvest have announced the creation of an investment fund to attract new airlines to Wallonia: Start’Air. This fund will take the form of a public limited company which will be endowed with a capital worth one million euros, held in equal parts by Liège Airport and Meusinvest.

In particular this fund will be able to award, alone or in conjunction with other investors or private operators, prepayments or equity loans or put in place all financial tools to encourage new airlines to take off from or arrive in Liège.

“For all airlines, starting up a new route involves additional costs and risks linked to various factors (e.g. lack of awareness of the airport, of the company and/or airline, a market still to be exploited or not having reached maturity, new type of offer or clientèle). Start’Air fits in perfectly with our business strategy and guarantees economic profitability for all parties”, explains Luc Partoune, Director-General of Liège Airport.

The objective of Liège Airport is to attract an additional 500,000 travellers to its tarmac within 10 years. There were 302,847 travellers in 2014, i.e. a decline of -3.95% compared to 2013 (315,293 travellers).

L’Echo – 03/03

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