Positive outcome for the mission in South Africa and Mauritius

Il y a 3 years

Awex has just completed a one-week economic mission involving different sectors in Mauritius and South Africa, with the participation of around thirty companies.

Pascale Delcomminette, Administrator at Awex, draws positive conclusions from the trip, as do most of the participants. “The high number of participants marked a turnaround for Walloon companies – 80% of companies in this mission were SMEs – in terms of major exports“, she reminds us.

Awex carried out a series of activities while on location. The Mauritanian counterpart was invited to carry out a similar mission in Belgium, between now and the end of the year.

In South Africa, it was the intention to raise awareness among Belgian expats, in order to create an informal network there, with the aim of highlighting the benefits of Wallonia among South African investors. Equally, together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a letter of intent was signed committing the local alter ego to visit Walloon infrastructures as a priority: competitiveness clusters, Liège Airport…

Finally, Awex claims to have identified four potential South African investors for Wallonia.

The Belgian CEO of DP World, operator of maritime freight from Dubai who, last summer, took over all of the Trilogiport in Liège, also came to sell the benefits of the autonomous Port in Liège. This man is from South Africa. That should boost the chances of investment in the sector.

L’Echo – 28/02/2015

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