Wallonia: Key location for R&D

Il y a 4 years

Wallonia has developed itself into a center for Research and Development (R&D) companies through major investments in  infrastructure and education.

The ongoing efforts from the government authorities to improve the business environment in the region has allowed companies to improve their competitiveness through lower costs and easier access to facilities and qualified workforce. Furthermore, R&D companies have been largely benefiting from the financial support offered by Wallonia in the form of financial subsidies, advances and tax reduction for research.

1. Wallonia has a large number of NETWORKS & BUSINESS INCUBATORS with links to universities and research centers. Wallonia’s science and technology parks can offer you:

• high-tech business environment focused on R&D
• access to available office spaces and laboratories
• cooperation opportunities with universities and other companies
• «Business Incubators» for new companies in addition to an extensive range of services (seminars, training, information on European programs, call centers, etc.).
• assistance with the promotion of innovative products

2. Wallonia has a STRONG R&D ENVIRONMENT with:

• over 300 public and private research centers
• 20 competence centers
• 9 universities
• over 11,000 researchers
• almost 200 spin-offs created in just a few years


3. Wallonia offers FINANCIAL SUPPORT in the form of:

• R&D subsidies
• Patent Income Deduction of 80% of the income of the patents for the taxable basis, resulting in an effective tax rate of maximum 6.8% on this income
• Investment deduction for investments in R&D centers
• R&D Tax Credit
• Partial exemption of salary withholding tax for researchers
• Tax allowance for additional employee
• Innovation premium
• Advantageous expat status
• Tax exoneration for regional grants
• Accelerated depreciation of R&D intangibles

4. WALLONIA IS BRUSSELS’ direct neighbour and provides an easy access to Europe:

• Capital of Europe that is home to numerous international organizations
• Second largest press center in the world
• Superb infrastructure which includes 6 multimodal platforms and great logistic access to Europe


SPoW is a network of science parks in Wallonia that includes seven science and technology parks which are home to many major companies such as:
IBA, Pfizer, IRIS, GSK Biologicals, Eurogentec, Zentec, EVS, Océ Software, SGS, AIB Vinçotte, GSK Biologicals, Johnson & Johnson, Caterpillar, AGC, Microsoft Innovation Centre, Polymedis, I-Movix, I-Care, Baxter, Natiss-Materia Nova, Valeo, etc.


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