A data center with a total capacity of 50,000 servers inaugurated in Les Isnes (Gembloux)

Il y a 4 years

The first part of a data center with a future total capacity of 50,000 servers and a total budget of €80 million was inaugurated on Monday at the Crealys Park in Les Isnes (Gembloux) by Cofely, part of the GDF Suez Group, in the presence of the Minister of Economy of Wallonia, Jean-Claude Marcourt. It is the third data center set up in Wallonia and the 29th in Belgium.

The first part of the Cofely Agility Center, representing a budget of €32 million, comprises three 514 m² rooms out of the eleven rooms planned, for a total surface area of 1,500 m2.

This building is an interface between modern companies and their suppliers, customers and markets. It is a commercial crossroads which will attract potential economic stakeholders to the region”, explains Thibault Meur, the data center’s Business Development Manager.

With its activity being based on security, energy efficiency and connectivity, this data center is connected to other major centers around the world, such as Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

“Wallonia is a region of growth and Gembloux occupies a central location, is easily accessible and, above all, has all the necessary facilities and electricity“, he adds.

Cofely hopes to start the second phase of the data center’s implementation within the next two years, which will depend on the facility’s success and needs in the region.

The company employs 78,000 people in thirty countries with a turnover of €14.7 billion.

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