Q-group establishes offices at Ardenne Logistics

Il y a 4 years

In an effort to meet the needs of its clients and to expand its business in the southern part of the country and in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Q-group created Q-food Ardenne. This new company chose to establish its offices in the Ardenne Logistics industrial park, which is ideally located right in the centre of European traffic flow, in the Province of Luxembourg.

A market leader in meat processing for prepared meals and in the supply of meat to local governments, Q-group has set a new objective: to increase its presence in Wallonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Q-group is a holding company with approximately 140 employees, consisting of eight businesses. The newest, Q-food Ardenne was recently created to meet this new challenge. Its ambition is clear: In two years, they intend to double their current turnover in Wallonia of 4 million euros.

To the great delight of the inter-district council, Q-food Ardenne decided to establish its offices at Ardenne Logistics. “The strategic location and the quality of the Ardenne Logistics industrial park were the determining factors in our choice, as well as the support and enthusiasm of the Governor and IDELUX,” explains Mr Verhulst, President of Q-group.

In concrete terms, Q-food Ardenne purchased a 1.4-hectare plot of land at Ardenne Logistics. In the initial phase, a 2,000-m² building will be erected for the development of the company’s logistics and sales activities in Wallonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In the second phase, more infrastructure will be built to develop new business activities that are still being considered within the Group. While these units are being built, starting in April, the company will be leasing a 1000-m² logistics space from IDELUX. The full investment totals 2,500,000 euros. As for employment, two salespeople were hired in early January; around mid-March, 2 to 3 drivers will join the team. Q-group anticipates that 15 more people will be hired within the next five years.

Food Processing and Logistics, Two Key Sectors in the Province of Luxembourg

Q-group’s establishment in the province of Luxembourg is a meeting of two key, priority sectors for the inter-district council: logistics and food processing. It was therefore only natural for a sizeable company working in these two sectors to choose Belgian Luxembourg as the location for growing their business.

A Rich, Diverse Food Processing Sector

Indeed, the province of Luxembourg is particularly dynamic in the food processing industry, due both to its diversity and the quality of the products it offers.

This industry, which accounts for approximately 2000 jobs, includes national leaders, but is mostly comprised of small business that are often family-run and that produce rich, varied products. The most well-known of these include Ferrero, Nestlé Waters, Marcassou, Ter Beke, la Brasserie d’Orval, Véviba, la Brasserie d’Achouffe, Belovo and Ardenne Volailles.

In light of the abundance of this sector, and more specifically the “meats” sector, with the reputation of the Indication géographique protégée (IGP) [protected regional label] of the ham and now the sausage of Ardenne, as well as the presence of the first bovine slaughterhouse in Wallonia in Bastogne, it is easy to see why Q-group is such a good match.

Belgian Luxembourg, A Strategic Location for Logistics Companies

The logistics sector is also doing well, due to its optimal geographic location in the heart of industrial Europe and a freely moving, non-toll roadway network, an establishment in the province of Luxembourg provides access to a market of over 58 million consumers within a four-and-a-half-hour drive.

To take full advantage of these assets, IDELUX therefore decided to develop infrastructures that meet logistical and supply chain needs. The presence of multiple European distribution centres is a testament to the ideal location of the province of Luxembourg and the advantageous social climate maintained there. For decades, IDELUX has assisted many companies in establishing offices here, including Burgo Ardennes, Aldi, Autover – Saint-Gobain, ExxonMobil, L’Oreal, Nestlé and Scott USA.

Thus, with the Ardenne Logistics site, which covers 85 hectares and will allow for the construction of at least 300,000 m² of logistics buildings, IDELUX and its partners in the local council, decided to offer the very best in the industry. This dual-mode (rail/road) industrial park, ideally located at the intersection of two major roads (motorways E25 and E411), is fully equipped and secured by a video camera system and anti-intrusion fencing. Q-group made a wise choice, as, following in the footsteps of companies such as Charlier Logistique, Gdf Suez Fabricom, Transport Pierret, Europa Belgium, ATE-MAN and le Forem, this is the site where they chose to establish their premises.

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