Wallonia gets a supercomputer that is unique in Belgium

Il y a 4 years

In the Charleroi Aéropole Science Park, Belgium’s most powerful intensive-calculation supercomputer has gone into operation: the Tier I supercomputer. This European-class supercomputer has 11,500 processors, equating to the throughput of 5,000 PCs and over 600 mainframes, and will serve not only the scientific community, but also the applied research and training communities. 

“This piece of equipment is crucial for excellence in research, in which digital modelling is the third component after experimentation and theory. In fields extending from the exact sciences to engineering, taking in bioscience and social science”, observes Benoît Champagne, the President of CECI (Consortium des Equipements de Calcul Intensifs) – the intensive calculation devices consortium.

The supercomputer will be operated by Cenaero, the aeronautics industry applied research centre, which is aiming at gaining worldwide recognition. “In addition to contributing to fundamental and applied research, through our collaboration with major companies such as Sonaca and Techspace aero, the supercomputer will help act as a vector for innovation for SMEs”, explains Philippe Geuzaine, the Cenaero CEO.

For example Cover Group, a company based in Tournai that specialises in 3-D software, used it to develop its program aimed at small joinery businesses and installers for calculating how verandas catch the wind.

It has many potential applications, such as streamlining urban transport, designing new drugs and medical assays, helping with decision-making in city environmental studies, and maximising the energy efficiency of sustainable buildings.

It is Cenaero’s ambition to become the technological leader in digital modelling and simulation, and it intends to ensure that its calculation infrastructure remains amongst the world’s 500 most powerful.

From www.le soir.be – 21/01/2014

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