Six years in business prove WagrALIM’s worth

Il y a 4 years

The innovation policy conducted by WagrALIM, the agrifood competitiveness cluster in Wallonia, has proved its worth and is contributing to economic progress in the region. The cluster has become a key player in innovation in the food and agriculture industries in Wallonia.    


  • WagrALIM is made up of businesses in the food and agriculture industry, as well as many research and training organisations.  The cluster currently has 155 members including innovative companies, research units and training providers.
  • Since it was set up, 21 research projects have been undertaken within the cluster, leading to 13 other ‘off-cluster’ projects.
  • These projects have so far come up with 60 new products and services, a good ten of which have already gone on the market, together with 12 new processes.
  • These innovations involve over 2,000 jobs, mostly new job creations.
  • Competitiveness and innovation is one thing, but skills are also important. WagrALIM also addresses this appropriately, having provided training to over 7,500 people as part of 12 training projects, to boost innovation.

And in an industry that contributes to Wallonia’s positive balance of trade, internationalisation is not only ever-present, but also a challenge. By participating actively in two major international clusters and research centres – WOFIN, the World Food Innovation Network and EFA, the European Food Alliance – and through its policy of research and innovation, and its worldwide export outlook (Canada, South Korea, the ASEAN countries and above all Brazil), WagrALIM makes a big contribution to internationalising the industry.

From – 17/01/2014

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