Cargill consolidates its roots in Mouscron

Il y a 4 years

Cargill’s factory has been making chocolate in Belgium since 1997, and will continue to do so. The group has just announced a 35-million euro investment to raise its production capacity, thereby creating 40 new jobs.

Cargill started up operations in Belgium in 1997, in Antwerp to be precise. In 2001 the company set up a further plant at Mouscron, as this region offered them some attractive economic and industrial advantages.

The Mouscron plant, at the end of tree-lined Gustache Fache avenue, makes chocolate for various types of customer. It could be making pralines, chocolate bars or hollow chocolate; biscuit manufacturers or waffle-makers who coat their biscuits with chocolate, and lastly customers who offer dairy-based desserts such as yoghurt or ice-cream.

Moreover, the plant has highly automated production-lines working 24/7. It nonetheless employs 80 people at the site, who come mainly from within the region.

Following on an earlier expansion in 2006, this new investment will strengthen the group’s existing roots at Mouscron, and help reinvigorate the region.

Taken from l’Avenir of 23/12/2013. 

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