Portugal is interested in Belgium

Il y a 4 years

An Invest in Belgium seminar was held in the context of “Belgian week” in Portugal. This was an opportunity for Alphi Cartuyvels, Inspector General for Europe & North America, to present Belgium’s strengths to potential foreign investors.

For several years, the Belgian embassy in Portugal and the Portuguese-Belgian chamber of commerce have been organising “Belgian Week” in Lisbon: an opportunity to highlight Belgium’s literature, gastronomy, art, music and even its cinema. However, the city of Porto and its authorities were extremely enthusiastic about the idea of hosting the event, providing some of the infrastructure and facilitating partnerships. They also suggested that seminars and conferences of an economic nature should be included in this week that traditionally, is exclusively cultural.

It’s obvious that the re-launch of the Portuguese economy and its reindustrialisation must involve the north of the country: that’s where most of the main companies are located, and it’s also where you can feel a great desire to move forward. This desire is based on a deep-rooted entrepreneurial tradition and openness to foreign markets. In addition, true objectivity exists there to try to promote the sectors of the future“, emphasises Pierre BERNARD, Belgian ambassador.

In between concerts and exhibitions, the Belgian-Luxembourg chamber of commerce and PWC, in collaboration with AWEX, co-organised an Invest in Belgium seminar as a response to the authorities’ request and to take advantage of this opportunity to present Belgium’s strengths in terms of foreign investment. Alphi CARTUYVELS, AWEX’s Inspector General for Europe & North America, acted as spokesperson for our three regions with an audience of forty potential investors and business lawyers. Several tax experts then drew comparisons between Wallonia, Portugal and other European countries, highlighting the advantageous tax situation for companies in Belgium. Two Portuguese companies working in Belgium then described the other advantages offered to companies.

Download the “Invest in Belgium” presentation

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