Coca-Cola and Chaudfontaine: positive results 10 years on from the buy-out

Il y a 4 years

Natural mineral water company Chaudfontaine has recently received the “European Water Stewardship” award in recognition of its sustainable water management practices. Here, we look back at the growth of the company bought by Coca-Cola 10 years ago.

Coca-Cola Enterprises moved into the Belgian market a decade ago. Over the last 10 years, the American giant has turned its Belgian subsidiary into one of the most cutting-edge and successful bottling sites in Europe. Coca-Cola has invested more than 103 million euros in its Belgian factory since 2003.

Now, 10 years on, Chaudfontaine is in excellent health. Belgium’s second-largest natural mineral water brand currently employs 190 permanent staff, working on three production lines. Back in 2003, the factory employed 150 people. “If you’d asked me 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have predicted such a level of success,” explains Jean-Louis Cornet, head of the Chaudfontaine site. “When it bought Chaudfontaine, Coca-Cola had no experience in the mineral water sector. We had the experience. They brought their logistics expertise to the table. Our performance over the last 10 years has been driven by this ability to share expertise.”

The natural mineral water company was founded in Chaudfontaine back in 1926, and has continued to grow ever since. Producing an average of 13.65 million boxes of its products each year over recent years, Chaudfontaine has managed to grow in a sustainable way. Some 79% of its total output is sold in Belgium and Luxembourg, with the remaining 20% destined for the Netherlands.

From a SudInfo Article – 2/10/2013

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