Mouscron: The Mifratel call centre is expanding

Il y a 4 years

Mifratel, a call centre established in Ghent in 2002, decided to expand by setting up a branch in Mouscron in 2008. Since then, the company has grown considerably and is pursuing its expansion.

It currently employs 250 staff working on three levels and has recently inaugurated a fourth.

“Created on the ground floor, this new level will house around seventy additional employees. A restaurant, meeting room and technical area are currently under construction”, explains Kristel D’Hondt, the business woman behind the creation of this contact centre.

Mifratel pays particular attention to staff well-being. Though each floor is technically capable of accommodating 100 workstations, only fifty are actually installed, providing a higher level of comfort for the workforce.

Mifratel is very aware that its reputation depends on its call centre agents, and places a particularly high value on this post within the company.

With Mifratel’s reputation continuing to grow, the company is providing more and more services to customers who reward it with their trust (including the telephone company “Belgacom” and electricity supplier “Eni”).


From a NORD ECLAIR article – 08/09/2013

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