Launch of the Marshall Plan 2022: priority for education

Il y a 4 years

A logical successor to the Marshall Plan, the “Marshall Plan 2022” will support the economic recovery in Wallonia by focusing on education.

Its philosophy is based on 6 centres of competitiveness, supported by a series of measures in various areas that will serve to consolidate the economic backbone of Wallonia.

However, the major new features are the two lines of action that will guide the decisions: priority will be given to the strengthening of education and training, conditions that are inseparable to the future of Wallonia. The project will essentially create the will to improve the piloting of education, particularly by giving better support to schools in difficulty, rebuild qualifying education and aim for excellence in the training of students.

Energy transition will be the second priority of the Marshall Plan 2022. The intention is to define a plan that sets the objectives of this transition in terms of renewable energy, to plan the adaptation of energy from this new network and also to benefit from fiscal levers that will be transferred in the context of institutional agreements, and to continue with the employment / environment alliance.

The Wallonia Marshall plans
The dynamism of the Marshall plans, which commenced in 2005, has borne fruit: 46.388 jobs have been created or are ultimately envisaged, 31,165 cases of direct aid have been granted to companies and 417,895 training places have been filled…




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