A vintage year for Wallonia at Le Bourget!

Il y a 5 years

The Wallonia Minister of the Economy, Jean-Claude Marcourt has just announced that the 50th International Air and Space Show currently taking place at Le Bourget is a vintage year for Wallonia! Positive feedback is already starting to filter through.

80 engines per year for Techspace Aero

Safran, the parent company of Techspace Aero, and the Wallonia Minister of the Economy, Jean-Claude Marcourt (PS), announced this lunchtime at the Paris Air Show taking place at Le Bourget that in the very near future, Techspace Aero (Liège Milmort) is to take charge of assembling a complete aircraft engine. The contract will probably be for 80 engines per year. Clearly this announcement will have a favourable, though as yet unquantified impact for employment in   Liège.

Sonaca signs contract with constructor Embraer

Furthermore, Sonaca, the Charleroi-based aeronautics manufacturer, has landed a contract with Brazilian aircraft constructor Embraer to supply slats and flaps for its new E2 series of regional aircraft – the new version of the Embraer 190 and 195. Once the programme is up and running, the contract will represent some 20% of Sonaca’s total revenue, with an estimated value of a billion dollars together with jobs for “300 to 400 people” over a 10-year period.

After the American engine-maker Pratt & Whitney (P&W) which will supply the reactors, Sonaca will be Embraer’s second most important partner on this programme.

M. Philippot – 19/06/2013

More information about the aerospace sector in Wallonia :



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