Towards a bio-based economy in Wallonia – “Le Coq Vert” is crowing for a greener chemistry!

Il y a 5 years
Green Rooster

The development of a new bio-based chemical sector – where biomass would replace nonrenewable fossil resources – makes fully part of the Wallonia strategy for green growth.

Wallonia presents main opportunities in this segment: large forestry and agricultural surfaces, high level of scientific and technical expertise, excellent logistical networks and innovative pioneer companies. Indeed: about 20 companies are already active in the production and sale of chemicals and materials based on biomass resources.

A new initiative was recently launched by a few key public and private players in Wallonia – “Le Coq Vert” (“The Green Rooster”) – in order to stimulate economic developments in bio-based chemistry. Short term opportunities are being explored. But a mid-term strategy is also being developed aiming at the creation of bio refineries in Wallonia. Foreign investments are a key success factor of this strategy: profitable business models and experienced partners are at hand !


Do not hesitate to contact Bernard Mathieu (AWEX) for more information.

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