COMIC BOOK CONTEST – « God save the Cat » (Philippe Geluck)

Il y a 5 years

God save the Cat (Philippe Geluck)Do you want to win one of our 20 comic books “God Save the Cat”, featuring the famous cat Philippe Geluck? It couldn’t be easier! This is what you need to do…

Find the correct answer to the three questions below by browsing our website and send and email with the answers to mcavillot [at] specifying “Comic Book Contest” in the subject line!

Remember to provide us with all your contact information (name, postal address, email and telephone number) so that we can send you your prize if you win. Good luck to you all!

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Send your answers by email to mcavillot [at] with all your details and indicating “Comic Book Contest” in the subject line before April 28, 2013 at midnight. A draw will be made by an innocent hand Monday, April 29 at 11 am. The winners will be notified by email and announced on Facebook

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