Belgium, a powerhouse of the plastics and rubber industry

Il y a 5 years

FEDERPLAST.BE is the Belgian association of manufacturers of plastic and rubber articles. It supports the development of the plastics and rubber industry in Belgium to contribute to a sustainable future. Stéphane Dalimier, the President, presented some results during the General Assembly of march 2013.

The evidence

On a per capita basis, Belgium is the world’s biggest plastics converter (200kg per capita, before Germany and Italy) and the world’s biggest plastics producer (646kg per capita – Netherlands got the second place with 348kg).  The Belgian expertise in plastics and rubber processing industry makes it a key performer in terms of value added, above the EU average. Belgium is a dominant player for a wide range of key primary and converted plastics and rubber in Europe.

Belgian rubber & plastics processors generate the highest labour productivity in terms of value added per employee in Europe (and probably in the world) but corrected for labour cost, labour productivity is comparable to neighbouring countries.

Why is Belgium so attractive for this industry?

  • First class availability of raw materials thanks to the presence of Europe’s biggest chemical cluster and major seaports
  • The high level of integration and diversity across the value chain is unique in the world
  • Belgium offers access to 80% of the European purchasing power within a 500 km radius
  • Belgium hosts a network of very innovative plastics and rubber processing SME’s
  • The Belgian federal and regional authorities support the industry to foster innovation
  • Belgium hosts a network of academic research & educational institutes in plastics technology & polymer science
  • The Belgian logistics platform offers a competitive differentiator for the plastics and rubber industry

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