US Companies are Important for Belgium

Il y a 5 years

On March 14, AmCham Belgium released a new report entitled The Importance of US Companies in Belgium, which features an updated listing of the US Top 50 companies ranked by number of employees.

The report illustrates the significant US contribution to the Belgian economy in terms of employment and revenue for the state. The 50 largest US companies contribute well over €1.7 billion to government finances in social security and taxes, while US companies in total account for 3.5% of private sector employment.

In return, Belgium offers US companies a highly educated and productive workforce. Furthermore, Belgium’s open economy, first class logistics and infrastructure give US companies access to the European Union’s 500 million consumers.

Scott Beardsley, President: “Many US companies have been in Belgium for a long time. Indeed, I am personally involved in the Chamber as I genuinely believe in the importance of promoting, retaining and growing US business in Belgium, and in making Belgium a great place to do business for all. The long history of American companies in Belgium is a testament to the quality of the Belgian workforce and the business opportunities the country has to offer. Naturally, these investments also represent opportunities for the Belgian economy, withthe US Top 50 alone directly contributing over €1 billion to Belgium’s government finances in 2011.
Source: AmCham

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