Why invest in Belgium? Elio Di Rupo, Prime Minister of Belgium

Il y a 5 years

A host country at the crossroads of the Latin, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon worlds, Belgium naturally welcomes trade. According to an international survey it is even the most globalised country in the world.

Its capital, Brussels, is home to the European Institutions and NATO. Belgium is therefore the place where the decision makers from all over the world meet and where the most productive political, commercial and scientific partnerships are forged.

Our country provides foreign investors with a workforce educated in the best schools. Their productivity has recently been recognised as one of the highest in the world by a series of international reports, in particular those by the ILO and the OECD.

In Belgium, investors benefit from legislation that favours the development of their activities, from a high quality of life and leading communication infrastructures, whether these are airports, roads, navigable waterways, ports and of course telecommunication networks.

Belgium has suffered from the financial crisis, as has every other country. However, thanks to our healthy economic foundations we have been able to avoid the recession, and we totally respect our commitments to Europe in terms of reducing public debt. The outlook for our economy is good, certainly one of the most encouraging among Western countries.

I am delighted, as Prime Minister, to be able to welcome visitors and investors from all over the world. Welcome, and please don’t hesitate to call on the Belgian institutions to help you establish your activities in our country, in the heart of Europe and a fusion of cultures!

Elio Di Rupo

Prime Minister of Belgium


Source: Made In Belgium – The Belgian foreign trade & Investment guide to Belgium

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