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 Logistics: an abundance of assets for a fast-growing sector

An efficient transport and logistics sector is an essential element in a modern, high-performing and profitable economy.

By virtue of its exceptional geographic position, Wallonia has several advantages: logistic parks, European distribution centres, an efficient communication network, etc.

The logistics sector has a considerable impact on the economy of Wallonia and its influence is set to grow, increasing the region’s appeal to overseas investors.

A few figures show just how important the transport and logistics sector is in Wallonia:
4,000 companies with more than 26,000 employees, generate an annual added value of approximately 3 billion euros and an added value of over 1 billion euros.

In 2009, Wallonia had been elected as the best European region (out of 61 studied regions) for the establishment of European Distribution Centres by the internationally renowned real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield.

More than 60% of European Union purchasing power is concentrated within a 500-kilometre radius from Brussels. Cities such as Paris, Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam lie within a few hours, therefore very short delivery times can be guaranteed. Wallonia offers six logistics platforms: the dry port of Mouscron-Lille, Garocentre (Mons), Charleroi, Liège, Athus and Ardenne Logistics. Wallonia enjoys another key asset: its infrastructure.

An exceptional motorway network

Free of charge and well-lit at night, the motorway network is the densest and one of the best equipped in the world, directly linked to the neighbouring countries.

A fast and functional rail network

The high-speed train (TGV) links Liège and Brussels with Paris and London (via the Channel tunnel) as well as between Liège and Cologne and it encourages the mobility.

Via Wallonia, the shores of the Mediterranean can quickly be linked with those of the North Sea, as can the Ruhr Basin and the Thames Basin.

Source: Made In Belgium – The Belgian foreign trade & Investment guide to Belgium

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