Wallonia, a receptacle for profitable investment.

Il y a 5 years

The second economic power in the world in the 19th century, Wallonia’s trademark has always been the quality of its production, the talent and skills of its human capital and its openness to the rest of the world. 

In the same way as the other regions of Belgium, it is one of the most independent federated entities in the world, legislating in fields as essential as the economy, employment, research, regional development, the environment and energy, not to mention foreign trade and international relations. The optimal mobilisation of all these skills has enabled the Walloon Government to define a very ambitious economic redeployment strategy, cleverly entitled the «Marshall Plan».

Benefiting from a strategic location in the heart of Europe, enabling 400 million consumers to be reached within one day’s road travel, Wallonia is promoting its availability in space and services, whilst counting on its high levels of productivity. Recognised, particularly by the international firm Cushman & Wakefield, as one of the best European locations for logistics centres, proof of its attractiveness is the number of foreign investors it attracts and retains.

At the service of its ongoing exchanges with the outside world, the Region has a large network of economic attachés overseas. With the professional support of the Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX), Walloon companies are nurturing a valuable culture of foreign trade. Thus, average annual growth for our exports since 1996 has reached 7%, which is higher than that of our immediate neighbours.

A region in movement, focused on innovation and a sustainable growth model, Wallonia is cultivating, more than ever, its tradition as a land offering a warm welcome and true excellence, to be discovered, or rediscovered.

Rudy Demotte,

Minister-President of Wallonia

Source: Made In Belgium – The Belgian foreign trade & Investment guide to Belgium

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